Friday, 9 September 2011

couldn’t sell lambs to a kiwi

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Last night's Clarke&Dawe, from

Stretch #2: A simple outer hip stretch
  • Lie on the floor flat on your back.
  • Cross the right foot over the left knee, keeping the right knee bent.
  • Use your left hand to pull the right knee across your body.
  • Hold for 20 seconds.

Dickson training
Another perfect night at Dickson. Tori, Craig & I ran early, then the track session was 5 x (300 fast, 100 jog, 200 fast, 100 jog) as a relay in teams of three. (The second runners did the reverse: sets of 200/300.) Participating were Bronwyn, Colin, Craig, Janene, Miranda, Rod, Roger, Ruth, Suzie & Yelena who did all ten sprints; Noeline & I who ran the 200s, and Garry & Susan who ran the 300s.

Next week Thursday 15th Dickson is closed; we meet at the Dog Park, Banks St, Yarralumla.
Parking is up on the grass not far from the cycle path that runs betweem Yarralumla and Weston Park,
Thursday 22nd we will probably meet at the dog park again, while on Thursday 29th we will be back at Dickson.

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