Tuesday, 14 February 2012


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Some mornings I have been running a jogette. This is my usual course, 2k out, 2k back from home. Chin-up bars are at the 1k/3k mark, other exercise equipment is nearby.

Parliament House training. Last night Ewen, Kym, Tim & I ran 8k early, then we were joined by Bronwyn, Cherie, Christopher briefly, Colin, Craig, Jacob, Jen, Mick, Peter, Ruth & Yelena. Usually I find it easy to alter the training session a little and try something new, but on this occasion I was a bit concerned, partly because it was a large departure from what has become more or less routine, partly because the threatening rain would have spoilt everything had it arrived, and partly because I thought I might have trouble remembering what the plan was. But of course there was no need to worry, it turned out to be an excellent session which everyone enjoyed. Firstly an exercise circuit on the Parliament House west side oval for 16 minutes which included sprints and crunches, squats, dips and lunges in ever increasing numbers, then harder than usual anaerobic sprint sets. We might not repeat the oval circuits in the near future, but we will repeat them one day.

Results Customs 5k 10 February
Yili Zhu 21:43
Gary Bowen 23:00
Miranda Rawlinson 26:47
Caroline Campbell 31:02
Bill Arthur 32.49

Song of the week - "The Symphony". Snow Patrol doing what they do best, playing in the style of Snow Patrol.


  1. Mick said today he enjoyed the training - once he found us ;)

    1. Yes, me too - I loved doing something different. It's good to mix things up a bit:)Don't leave the "something different" too long though. It's fun!

  2. What? No post since Tuesday! You're really taking the taper for tonight's 10,000 seriously!

  3. That is not a symphony. Just like the Verve with Bittersweet Symphony. They can't call it that unless it is, that's a rule. Plus you can only write 9 before you die. Unless you are Mozart or Hayden. Beethoven died at 9. Like all the others.

    1. No-one complained that their first hit "Chasing Cars" wasn't a dog!

  4. Come back speedycoach - we are missing your blog!!

    1. I haven't gone anywhere but my home internet has!



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