Thursday, 2 February 2012

the summer series returns

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, February 02, 2012 with 2 comments
The Canberra Runners' Club's popular Summer Series has begun! Tuesdays, 6:15pm, a variety of venues. A few of us ran in the first event of the series.

Speedygeese results Summer Series #1 Stromlo Forest Park 5k
31. Robert Ey M50 21:43
33. Geoff Moore M60 22:02
35. Mick Horan M50 22:35
39. Ewen Thompson M50 23:30
40. Janene Kingston W45 23:35
41. Carol Ey W50 23:37
52. Peter Fullagar M50 24:50
57. Mick Charlton M60 26:10
60. Cathy Newman W50 27:32
61. Ruth Baussmann W60 28:11
64. Caroline Campbell W65 30:36
69 finishers
I have made Rob & Carol honorary members of the speedygeese. Well why not? They will run with us again one day.

what me exercise?

Too many events at the track?
... not just because one has to make a choice, but because runners spreading themselves across these events result in smaller fields. I am a fan of having just one distance race on the program that everyone is likely to compete in. Few agree with me, not a problem.

Tonight I shall probably run the first 3000m race. If I happen to go in any later event it will be a totter rather than a run. On offer - 3000m, 400m, 1500m, 4x400m, another 3000m, 5000m.

shoes too large

Taking the plunge
Training is going well. So I have now entered 15 April’s Ultra Marathon!
Risky I know. If tomorrow I report my first injury of the year, you will know why.

I'd sooner stay in today, thanks


  1. I don't do much track at the moment, but in years gone I would run every event from the 100H to the 3000w, in the 400m I would feel I was going to get lapped and I would enjoy the 5000m at I'm a marathon runner!!!!

  2. Good point. My ideal program would be an 8/15 at 7.15pm and a 3/5k at 7.45pm every week.

    Good conditions last night. Honorary Rob ran about 20:50, so does that mean the track is 50 seconds faster than Stromlo?