Saturday, 10 March 2012

self respect

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, March 10, 2012 with 3 comments

Crows demolish Pies. An excellent start to this year's footy. Go the Crows!

Today's long run: the 28k loop from Acton Ferry Terminal of Lake Burley Griffin. I took a slight detour up onto the road to avoid the missing section of path, a second  detour at Kingston where some of the foreshore was blocked off. I can extend this run in future by adding the museum peninsula and/or Black Mountain Peninsula. Running with me for all or part of the way were Craig, Ewen, Riki, Michael (new), Suzie, Zainab, Miranda, Lucia & Andy. We also saw Richard, Jen & Ruth coming in the opposite direction at one stage. Susan ran early. Here is today's route.

Creative writing. Now I must go and write an article for the April Vetrunner. I haven't quite decided on the topic yet. I have already submitted a write-up on the Sprint Marathon Relay, but still have my normal coaching article to do. Craig suggested I could write on strength training for marathons; Lucia suggested the article could say what to do when your big race is cancelled (as today was to have been the Six Foot Track). Perhaps seeing as April is marathon month I could follow Craig's suggestion. A bit late for training advice though. Funnily, very often when I sit down to compose something after deciding on a suitable topic, something very different gets written.

Or I could just go and play with my friends.


  1. Footnote: I decided to write up .... no no no wait, read it for yourself at the end of the month. Anyway, it's done and sent off.

  2. Enjoyed the run this morning. Seem to have recovered better than if I'd run 6' (1/4 the time and an easier river crossing) - see you for a jog at Stromlo in the morning (my 100th day of running).

    1. But will you receive a message from Michelle Bridges Ewen? Hope to make it there to witness your 100th run tomorrow:)