Saturday, 30 June 2012

that's what I thought they said

Posted by speedygeoff On Saturday, June 30, 2012 | 8 comments
Ewen running the Sri Chinmoy 5 mile

I was in the Half Marathon

Caroline too

Ewen at the Gold Coast after today's 10k

Ewen's time in the 10k - an excellent 45:11 for 7th fastest M55

Six monthly speedygeese cull: today's the day I drop a few off my contact list who haven't trained with us for a while. Fewer results to look up. That's just five names off this time. Numbers aren't actually dropping, given that I add people to the list when they do come along. Of course they can always rejoin us for a run any time.


  1. oooh ... I hope I'm still on the Geese List :)

    1. Everyone who has trained with us in the last 12 months is on the list...

  2. Top run in the 10km for Ewen!

  3. So sad, as we all have running in comman. I support all runners who ever we are or where ever we train. Sometimes times and venues are not always easy to fit into our busy lives. I have been very lucky in my years of running and moving around so much to have met such great and lovely runners, Brisbane, Townsville, Sunshine Coast, Cloncurry and Canberra. I am lucky I have kept in touch with all my running friends.

    1. Not sure what you mean Kelley. Do you want me to devise programs for people who don't turn up? Should I keep highlighting the results of runners who aren't training with me? Both are a lot of work which I do for the athletes who train with me, as a free service. And it is your choice where you train. Not my decision at all. The only reason I keep athletes on "my list" for a whole year to 18 months after their last appearance is because they don't ever tell me they are leaving, let alone why and to where, and I live in hope.

    2. So if you have taken all that in, I am not "unfriending" anyone, I still support all runners wherever they are! But I am not coaching everyone, that is all this "cull" is about.

  4. No worries Geoff.



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