Friday, 25 January 2013

there once was a man with a beard...

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If you ever view my training diary, under "links", you will see a regular entry for "gym" or "circuit" or "F4L". Usually at 9:30am Tuesday Wednesday and/or Friday. That's strength and strengthening work for an hour at "Flexible for Life", in Charnwood. I put in the instructor's name because the classes are very different. If it reads "9:30 ... Anu" that's not the the "Australian National University", that's the instructor's name.

This morning, three boys and the boss.

Tom, Anu, self and Kerry. This at the end of training, after (almost done) the clean-up. Photo by Margaret. I wore my brightest gear for the occasion.

Training in air conditioned room, with fans for extra breeze, is way preferable to training outside in this heat. Boy am I feeling it this year! Here is my recommendation:

Based on experience, the years when summer was the hottest were the years when I ran April's Canberra Marathon the slowest. My best Canberra Marathons were always after a relatively mild summer. A case in point; the summer of 2011-12 was cooler than average. 12 months ago I had no trouble training every day and succeeded to finish the marathon in a reasonable time for a 63 year old (3:30.00) and continue on to the 50k. Similar stories could be told for many of my earlier marathons. So I think that this is not going to be a very good summer for marathon training, and people would be better off looking say to Melbourne later in the year.

Take heed. Men with beards are deemed to be wise.

Happy Birthday to my cat Riki, 14 years old today. This isn't my cat. Nor is it my gym. Nor do we do Pilates, or rarely. Anu does however teach Pilates, but elsewhere.

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  1. That we are. As soon as I retire I'm signing up for Anu.