Friday, 18 January 2013

World Cross Country Selection Trials.

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, January 18, 2013 with 3 comments
This Sunday morning at Stromlo will be the Australian selection trials for the World Cross Country. It is usually our speedygeese training session at 8:00am and I will still turn up, but will watch the trials while jogging around. We may fit some training in when we can. Still, it's not every day you see the best athletes in action, for free.

I plan to arrive sometime around 7:15am

The program is as follows
7:30 am Senior Men – 1 x 2km + 4 x 2.5km (12km)
8:00 am Junior Girls – 1 x 1km + 2 x 2.5km (6km)
8:15 am Junior Boys – 1 x 1km + 1 x 2km + 2 x 2.5km (8km)
8:30 am Senior Girls – 1 x 1km + 1 x 2km + 2 x 2.5km (8km)

Information at this link (pdf file).

Prior to that on Saturday some of us are running 20k or so from Acton Ferry terminal at 8:00am. And following that on Monday at Parliament House will be a potentially most enjoyable interval session, probably in the form of a relay this time.

Training last Sunday at Stromlo





  1. oooh relays, count me in!

  2. I bags a slow relay team after Ferry Terminal run tomorrow and Stromlo spectating/training Sunday. #hardhardeasy

    1. You will find that, in our training group, there are only speedy relay teams. And the slower you say you will run, the faster the runners I may put you with!